10 digital tools every venue marketer should be using

 |   by Henry Earle A'Hern

10 digital tools every veune marketer should be using

We know venue marketers have a lot to juggle, so every little helps when it comes to lightening your digital marketing load. Here are ten great digital tools that will enhance your venue marketing and save you a lot of time.


1. Twitter – segment with lists

Creating lists in Twitter allows you to organise and segment your audience into categories. But why is this important? It's basic use is that it allows quick accessibility to different grasps of people e.g. prospects, influencers, subscribers and even the competition. Once we have all these segmented, we can analyse what hashtags they use, what they tweet about and what content they engage in.


When all of this is done, you are able to target these profiles more effectively by creating content that they are likely to engage in and start conversations that interest and excite them.


2.  Canva – create stunning visuals

If you don’t have the time or simply can’t face the idea of learning how to use Photoshop, they this is the perfect tool for you. It’s easy to create stunning visuals such as infographics, blog graphics, cover photos and more that will engage your audience more effectively than a plain textual post. After all, content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without (Hubspot). For more tips on creating visual content, have a look at my 5 steps to social media marketing success.


3. Buzzsumo – find out what’s trending

Another tool that is going to really help you save time is Buzzsumo, it generates trending topics based on your keywords, so that you can write blogs and articles that will get greater reach. Another feature of this online tool is the sharing stats, showing you how many shares the trending topics have received via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. So with Buzzsumo’s help, you will know what to post for optimum traction.


4. Instagram – show off venue features

Instagram is one of the most powerful tools available to a venue marketer. It is the perfect platform to show off your venue’s most exciting and appealing features, with over 500 million users, you are guaranteed to get exposure. Using hashtags is a major way for users to find your content, so be sure to include trending and relevant ones alongside your photos. Also engage with your audience by liking and commenting on their photos, this helps to build relationships with them.


5. Snapchat – behind the scenes

Snapchat is a great way to show your audience a more personal side to your venue and the team. Also your audience can see what happens on a day to day basis behind the scenes, making your brand seem more personable and relatable. The instant nature of Snapchat is powerful because people can view live events at your venue as they’re happening, which is a great way to show off its functionality. Finally, like most social media platforms, it is all about encouraging interaction and engagement. For example, venue marketers could hold Snapchat competitions where people can win a free hamper or bottle of bubbly to encourage enjoyment.


6. Hootsuite – save time and schedule

Social media can become tedious when you have to manually share content, especially when it is generally advised that you should be posting 5 – 20 times a day on Twitter alone! But with tools like Hootsuite you can schedule your posts for the entire week at once, meaning all you have to do is monitor engagement, a serious time saver.


7. Crowdfire – unfollow the uninterested

It is hard to accept, but sometimes people just aren’t interested in your content and they unfollow you. There is no reward in continuing to follow someone who has shown they don’t want to engage with you, so the best thing to do is unfollow them. But when your venue has a fairly big following, how can venue marketers know which people are unfollowing? Crowdfire shows you the Twitter accounts that are unfollowing, following or are inactive which allows you to easily cut ties with them. Another feature is the keyword follow, which enables you to search for people that are posting about similar content and follow them. It is all about building an audience that is interested in your venue and wants to engage with your content.


8. MailChimp – email marketing for free

Email marketing is still very important for targeting your audience and getting them to engage, but what if you can’t afford expensive marketing software? Fortunately there are tools such as MailChimp available, which is completely free for up to 2000 subscribers to your email list. Not only this, but it will also integrate easily with your WordPress built website and offers many free templates for you to get your design started. So you can send your content to people that are interested, which will drive traffic to your website and subsequently your venue. And if you want to get a bit smarter with your email marketing, you can even take advantage of marketing automation features for a small monthly fee.


9. Yoast – SEO Wordpress plugin

As a venue marketer, you are probably trying to build a reputation and some credibility for your venue by blogging and sharing news on your website. So you need to make sure that people are finding you content in search engines such as Google, but how do you do this? Yoast is a Wordpress plugin that shows you if your content is SEO optimised via a simplistic traffic light system: red is poor, amber is average and green is excellent. Using this feature you can edit your focus keyword, SEO title, slug and meta-description which will result in your content featuring higher up in search engine results.


10. IFTTT – Integrated social media posts

A relatively unknown tool to marketers is IFTTT: ‘If This Then That’ - is a free tool that allows you to create recipes for social media, so that when you share on one platform it will share on another automatically. For example if you post on Twitter it will post to Facebook, or if you post on Wordpress it will post to Twitter as well. What makes this tool so useful is the variety of recipes you can create, which is perfect if you don’t have access to marketing software.


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